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Help Line Expands Coverage Area

Help Line, Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania's information and referral program will start answering calls for Guideline starting January 1, 2011. Help Line has handled over 2.3 million telephone calls since its founding in 1972. Help Line's main coverage area has been Luzerne & Wyoming Counties, but has been working with Guideline to expand its resources to include Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga Counties. Guideline which has been providing information and referral services to the people of the northern tier is dissolving operations on December 31. Help Line will assume Guideline's phone number of 1-800-332-6718 or Help Line's toll free number of 1-888-829-1341 can be used to access services previously offered by Guideline. Help Line is staffed twenty four hours a day, seven days a week by trained caseworkers many who are Certified Information and Referral Specialist (CIRS) by The Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS). Help Line maintains an active data listing of over 3,000 local agencies and programs, as well as countless regional, state and national resources. If you need to know where the nearest AA group is being held or the telephone number for the turkey hotline to make sure holiday dinner is a success, Help Line is there to assist you. Our unique telephone reassurance system for the homebound and elderly is administered by Help Line. The CARE system contacts individuals each day at specified times. When the telephone is answered a message will let you know that this is your telephone reassurance call.. The system can also be utilized for medication reminders. If there is no answer the system will call in a few minutes, if after the second call there is still no answer an alert will be issued and Help Line staff will contact a designated emergency contact. Staff members monitor all calls of the CARE system. This is a free service of Help Line for residents of Luzerne & Wyoming

Counties and now Bradford, Sullivan and Tioga Counties. Call Help Line to enroll or apply on line at To have your organization or program listed in the Help Line database contact Help Line or download a resource form from the Info & Referral page from our website. Help Line will continue to provide the residents of the northern tier the same 24/7 access to services that they have enjoyed over the years with Guideline. To contact Help Line dial toll free 1-800-332-6718 or 1-888-829-1341.

Contact: Tom Foley, Help Line Director Phone: 1-888-829-1341 Fax: 1-570-829-5055 Email: Web Site: