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Batterers Intervention Service (BIS)

The Batterers Intervention Service (BIS) is an educational program for men who want to take responsibility for their own behavior and learn skills to start that change now.

-This is a comprehensive educational program that meets once a week for 2 hours for a total of 30 weeks.

-FSA NEPA has adopted the Duluth model for men who batter and physically abuse their partners. Referrals are made through the Courts for men who have violated their Protection from Abuse (PFA) order and/or have committed a crime involving domestic violence.

-The BIS program is designed to re-educate and hold men accountable for their actions. This is in compliance with the zero tolerance protocol for domestic violence.

-The ten themes of the curriculum are: Nonviolence-Physical Violence; Nonthreatening Behavior-Using Intimidation; Respect-Using Emotional Abuse; Trust & Support-Using Isolation; Honesty & Accountability-Minimizing, Denying & Blaming; Responsible Parenting-Using Children; Shared Responsibility-Using Male Privilege; Economic Partnership-Using Economic Abuse; Sexual Respect-Sexual Abuse; and Negotiation & Fairness-Using Coercion & Threats.

Each Theme Consists of a Three Week Process:

-Week 1-Defining the theme and exploring non-controlling and nonviolent behavior.
-Week 2-Exploring the use of specific acts of abuse as tactics of control.
-Week 3-Exploring and practicing non-controlling and nonviolent behavior.

  • Marlene Woods - Facilitator

  • Paul Dorang - Facilitator

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