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Children's Center - A Child Advocacy Center (CAC)

The Children's Advocacy Center of Susquehanna and Wyoming Counties is a private, non-profit, charitable organization overseen by FSA NEPA and a committee of community members dedicated to serving children and providing the best care possible.

What is a CAC?
The mission of a CAC is to provide a safe, comfortable environment for children and their families as they go through the interviewing and examination processes after disclosing some type of traumatic experience.
Who is Eligible?
Supports and services at the CAC are free to all children of abuse or victimization.
What happens when you get here?
You will find a child-centered environment at the CAC to meet your needs and allow you to tell your story in comfort and safety
What is the investigative process?
A team of professionals dedicated to you and your child will work together gathering all the evidence and information needed to investigate the alleged crime. This Multidisciplinary Investigative Team or MDIT is made up of individuals from the District Attorney Office, law enforcement community, Child Protective Services, Victim Services, medical providers and mental health providers.
Can I be present with my child or the team during the interview?
It is understandable that during this scary and confusing time that you would want to be with your child at all times. However, it might be difficult for them initially to talk about what happened in front of you and you may be upset by what they say. The team members must be focused on observing, assessing, and investigating the allegations. Therefore, you are not permitted to participate in or observe the interview process.
Will someone talk with me during the interview?
A family advocate will be available for support and to discuss follow up services. You are encouraged to bring a family member or friend to sit with you during your child's interview. The team members will talk with you after the interview and discuss what will happen next.

What should my child know about the medical exam?
Explain to your child that this medical exam is completed to make sure their body is healthy. The exam will not hurt and the medical examiner will tell your child everything that they are doing throughout the exam.
What happens next?
The family advocate will follow up with you to assess your needs and discuss available services. The CAC will have information will have information available for counseling services in your area. They can make a referral at your request or give you the information you need.

What should I say to my child after the CAC?

  • Listen if your child wants to talk but don't worry if they don't want to talk about the interview or exam.

  • Encourage them to talk when they are ready and remind them that telling their story was brave.

  • Understand if they aren't themselves for a few days after the interview but call the CAC or family advocate if you have further concerns.

  • The Children's Center is located at:

    96 Ellsworth Drive Suite 3

    Montrose, PA 18801

    For more information, contact, Janine Fortney MSW, LSW, Program Director @ 570-823-5144, ext.370 or by email at