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Pre-Adjudication Diversion Program

Making Changes Program

What it is? Making Changes is a voluntary 12 week pre-adjudication diversion program, which includes a referral for services in lieu of filing a written allegation. Making Changes provides competency development in the form of 8 psycho-education and anger management treatment sessions and participation in a 4 week community project for youth who would otherwise face formal processing in the Luzerne County Court System. Through participation in a community service project, youth offenders are encouraged to acknowledge their responsibility in concrete ways and understand the impact their behavior has on their community. The goal of Making Changes is to create opportunities for competency. Also, we believe that allowing youth offenders the opportunity to build connections and relationships to their community will in turn deter youth from re-offending, thus keeping our community safe.

Program Criteria: The Making Changes Program is open to 15-18 year old youth residing in Luzerne County. Making Changes is meant to provide alternatives for youth have not yet entered the system. It is geared toward first time, non-violent offenders. A Master's Level therapist will complete an intake and psycho-social assessment to determine if a referred youth is in need of the group interventions associated with this project. Only youth with a DSM-IV-TR diagnosis and/or a reduced level of functioning in academic, peer, or vocational areas will be accepted into the Making Changes Program. DSM Guidelines are as follows: Depression or other mood disorder, anxiety/fears, alcohol or other drug abuse or dependence, PTSD and other trauma related issues, serious stress reactions and adjustment disorders, ADHD, family problems anger, impulse control, and conduct problems.

Program Cost: This program is funded by a grant from the PA Commission on Crime & Delinquency. This is a free service.

Referrals can be made to:

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