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Intensive Family Reunification Services (IFRS)

The Intensive Family Reunification Services are a collaborative effort between Luzerne County Children and Youth Services (LCCYS) and FSA NEPA.

The primary goal of the program is to implement brief, intensive, family-focused reunification service for families who have children placed in foster or kinship care in Luzerne County. The program is designed to reduce the amount of time children spend in out-of-home placement by strengthening families, building resources, addressing parenting concerns, and creating a plan for reunification. The team builds a child-focused partnership between the family, the community and human service agencies in order to support the family and facilitate planning for the safe reunification of children with their birth parents.

Who is Eligible?

This program is appropriate for families who have children placed in foster or kinship care and who, with timely intensive supportive services, are likely to reunify within six months time.

IFRS Program:

The family is assigned an IFRS Case Manager who will work closely with the family to identify community supports and service providers appropriate for and specific to that family. The Case Manager will address the primary concerns or reasons for out-of-home placement, with the goal of reducing the risk factors and building protective factors. This will reduce the amount of time children are in out-of-home placements.

Effective intervention will address the family's basic needs (i.e. transportation, housing, food) before an impact can be made on the emotional and behavioral changes necessary to facilitate reunification. Intervention will include but is not limited to: parenting education, anger/stress management, family enrichment, and resource coordination. There are many service providers and community supports to which IFRS can link the family to such as parenting support groups, mental health or substance abuse counseling, income assistance, housing assistance, and employment guidance.

Contact the IFRS Team today for more information:

  • Jessica Ives, MSW, LSW - Case Managment & Community Program Supervisor
  • Rebecca Ciliberto, BS - IFRS Case Manager
  • Megan Kosik, BS - IFRS Case Manager
  • Barb Blanner - IFRS Case Manager
  • Marisue Sack, B.A. - IFRS Case Manager
  • Paul Dorang, BS, M.B.A - IFRS Case Manager