Family Service Association of Wyoming Valley
“Stronger Communities Through Stronger Families”
Our Values

The Values

  • We are Accountable: We are responsible and accountable to the individual, the family, and the community. We adhere to the national standards of the Council on Accreditation.

  • We are ethically and fiscally accountable to our benefactors: Our integrity has sustained us for over a century.

  • We are Client-Focused: We respect the right of self-determination for our clients and our communities. We build trust through compassion and a focus on client needs and potentials. We believe in recovery philosophy and in the recovery of individuals to strengthen families and our community.

  • We are Professional: We are highly trained and knowledgeable in social work and human service practice. Our behavior is professional at all times.

  • We are empathic to others, and we work diligently to understand and address need: We welcome our customers regardless of circumstance. We strive for diversity with our employees and our partner professionals. We value our century old tradition of advancing the social work profession through practice and research.

  • We are Ethical: We are committed to the highest standards of ethical behavior toward our consumers. We do not take shortcuts in fulfilling our responsibilities. We build trust through our actions.

  • We are Autonomous: We are independent in our services, of our programs. We are non-sectarian and not obligated to any movement or political orientation. We will not deny services because of our client's beliefs or values. We always adhere to state and federal laws. We maintain our autonomy to be adaptive to the needs of the community.